Sara Parks Portfolio


Sara Russell offers five years of experience in the design industry she has accomplished an accumulation of skills from model making, working on different computer programmes, fire safety and lighting layouts.  Each of these different skills is a strategic and tactical part of the design industry, which proved that Sara has great team working skills as well as leadership skills.


Sara is a British citizen and attended Middlesex University in London England where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Interior Architecture and Design.  While still at school Sara began her career working as a trainee interior designer at Ibi Design Associates where, she learnt about British planning permission, residential renovation design and administration.  After Sara had finished University she sort employment in the U.S. and was given the opportunity to work on a year J-1 visa for Perkins and Will at their Atlanta, Georgia office where she stepped up to Interior Designer level 1 and learnt a multitude of skills which include model making, fire safety, dealing manufacturing representatives, materials such as crypton which is used in healthcare, corporate interiors, K-12 and major construction.


Just before Sara finished working on her J-1 visa for Perkins and Will she had the opportunity to be one of the main designers on KSAU (a major construction programme in Saudi Arabia which was measured in metric). She had the chance to work on the project from the very beginning of the initial conceptual design process before her J-1 visa finished.


Throughout her career, Sara has had the opportunity to work in England as well as the U.S learning about the different design, planning processes and attitudes when it comes to the architectural design culture of these different countries.  The scope of her experience has spanned almost all aspects of interior architecture and design, which has attributed to her current success in her profession.